About TOS

Why Choose TOS

1. Experience & Expertise

TOS is proud to have assembled one of the largest faculties of innovative veterinary oncology specialists within a single group. Indeed, very few hospitals including university centers approach the collective training, experience, and publication record of our doctors.

Why should this matter to you? It means that when your pet comes to TOS, it will be given the highest quality care. It means that for complicated cases or at your request, your pet’s situation will be reviewed by our outstanding team to ensure that the best recommendations are made and that no stone is left unturned as we consider the options for your pet.

2. Exclusive Focus on Cancer

We don’t do vaccinations. We don’t spay or neuter. We just treat cancer, 4,000 times a year. In fact, our staff’s combined experience totals more than 100 years of oncology practice.

During the course of your pet’s treatment, we call on that experience countless times, for a multitude of decisions. This experience could mean the best possible outcome for your pet’s treatment.

So if your pet has cancer, and you want the best odds of beating it, you’re looking in the right place. Because we know cancer.

3. Team Approach to Cancer Treatment

Often, our patients may have multiple other providers of care including a primary-care veterinarian and/or multiple other specialists. Communicating and effectively coordinating the treatment plan is of paramount importance to us. Your oncologist can effectively be the “quarterback” of your pet’s oncology care, distributing the needed tests or treatments to the most appropriate provider.

4. Access to Unique Treatment Options

Between the numerous clinical trials we regularly participate in and the state-of-the-art equipment in our facilities, you have access to a number of unique options, resulting in a treatment plan that is specific to your pet.

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy is possible only with our cutting-edge technology. SRT is our newest weapon in the battle against cancer. By targeting very high doses of radiation to tumors, SRT improves tumor response and reduces side effects, while limiting damage to healthy tissue.

We have built a $1 million radiation center to bring this advanced cancer treatment to you. Our Leesburg office is one of only a few veterinary SRT providers and the only one in the region.

SRT is delivered in one to five treatments, as opposed to the 15 or more visits required for standard radiation, so it’s easier on you and your pet. But much, much harder on cancer.

5. We Treat Your Pets Like Our Own

Every employee at TOS understands the importance of the bond between you and your pet. At every step along the way, we consider the importance of your pet’s quality of life and we aim to make or keep them as happy and healthy as possible. We constantly strive to make the experience of bringing your pet in to us as easy as possible on you and your pet. While winning the fight against cancer is always a top priority, we never forget why we do this which is to so that you can have as much quality time with your pet as you can get.

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