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Clinical Trials

The Oncology Service offers “investigational” treatment options to our cancer patients through participation in clinical trials. Just like clinical trials in human medicine, clinical trials for pets evaluate new drugs for their safety and effectiveness. A clinical trial may offer a treatment option that potentially utilizes the newest medical research available. Some of these products are early in development, while others have been used in pets before. Either way owners need to understand what to expect when participating in a clinical trial. Details such as funding, the duration and intensity of the visit schedule, and potential side effects of the investigational product will vary from trial to trial.

The Oncology Service offers clinical trials from several sources, but our group has a special relationship with Animal Clinical Investigation (ACI). We are a valued member of the ACI network and almost always have active clinical trials. Clinical trials are included as options as part of a comprehensive cancer care program and can be considered before, during, or after conventional care, depending on the requirements of the trial. Please check this site frequently or call for the latest information on new trials. Please ask if your pet may be eligible to participate and we’ll do our best to get you the most current information.

Open Trials

The Oncology Service brings you the best in veterinary cancer care. This includes new treatment options for many common cancers made available through clinical trials. We have several open studies that are enrolling new patients to meet the unique needs of each of our patients and their families. Most studies provide substantial financial support for treatment and medical management. If you do not see a study that meets your needs below, please call the location nearest you to learn more about study availability.

We currently have open studies for the following cancer diagnoses:

  • Osteosarcoma in Dogs [Open - Details]
  • Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs Richmond Location Only [Closed]
  • Osteosarcoma in Dogs Richmond Location Only [Closed]
  • Immunotherapy in Dogs with Melanoma [Closed]
  • Immunotherapy in Dogs with Lymphoma, Melanoma, and Mast Cell Tumors [Closed]
  • B-cell Lymphoma in Dogs [Closed]
  • T-cell Lymphoma in Dogs [Closed]
  • Mammary Tumor in Dogs [Closed]